Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have several projects in progress this week to show and tell.

First up is the newest- the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  This is a purchase pattern so I won't go into detail except to say that you have the option to make it as long as you want and that it is worked in short rows-repeating a sequence a certain number of rows.  Really easy.

So how did I get it to look like this?

I'm pretty sure that I knit a couple of extra rows or got off track somewhere.  See the right side of the photo.  It should be the straight edge.  Not so straight.

Here it is after I ripped it out and began again:

I've also put another couple of rows on my Emelie cardi.  What was I thinking?  Dark blue yarn, sock yarn to boot, and size 2 needles?

The ribbing is coming along nicely.  Its a 3x2 rib.  I'll love it when it's done and I'm sure that it will get a ton of use.  I just need some more motivation to work on it.  And I am forcing myself to knit the band to the specified length.  I always try to talk myself into doing about half the length-cause ribbing takes forever.   And then I'll be wearing it and think it sure would be nice if the rib section was longer.  So no matter what I will knit this one to the specified length.  Even if it is three and a half inches.  Ughh.

I started the Ravello sweater.  Also done in sock yarn.  Although after multiple swatches-I am up to a size 6 needle.  It's going much faster.  Raglan's always feel like they're going faster to me.

I've barely started:

And my last WiP this week is the Shallows cowl.  It's more than half way finished.

It looks less pink in person.  And less grey and more greeny.  I'll take outside pics when it's finished and blocked.

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And come back Friday to check out my two, yes two FOs.


  1. I just finished a Hitchhiker and had several false starts before settling in.

  2. Hitchhiker is such a successful pattern. I LOVE your restart