Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I love having my birthday on a Friday.  I can extend the celebrating through the weekend and stay out late without any guilt.  (And sleep in the next day)  The "Festive Party Hat" pictured above is for my brother Martin who believes everyone needs a festive party hat to wear on their birthday so strangers know to wish you a happy birthday.

I had a great day and ended it with a picnic dinner and a couple of movies.  We went to the Orange County Great Park for their movie in the park series.  We had a great picnic dinner with friends before watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Could you imagine that movie or even the concept these days?  Can't get the girl to marry you, just kidnap her and hold her till she comes around to your way of thinking.

You can see the balloon in the background.  You can ride the balloon for free and get a view of the surrounding area and the park.

After the movie in the park we ran over to Woodbridge Dollar Theater and saw Olympus Has Fallen.  Not much to say about this movie.  They forgot to cast Stephen Segal.  Think about the 80's Segal movies where terrorists take over and Segal saves the day.  There you go.  Except add in Gerard Butler.   So good scenery.  Lots of shooting.  Really stupid President.  Makes our secret service and military look bad.  But we win in the end.

I designed a new knitted hat.  I need to photograph it and write up instructions and then I'll put it out there.   I'm really really close to finishing my T shirt that I've been working on and will show it off when it's done.

I participate in a couple of different swap groups on Ravelry.  One of which did a Mini May Stuff it Swap.  We were to take a jar or tin and stuff it with stuff and then send some yarn to our recipient.  We didn't know who was creating our package until it arrived.

Mike and I just arrived home from a long bike ride and I had a package waiting for me.  I love getting things in the mail.  It's so much fun.

When I opened the bag this is what I found:

A cute little black tin with buttons

Inside I found cute paperclips, lots of buttons, mini clips, ribbon, lotion (love the scent), a tiny knitted sock key chain, notepad, pens, stitch markers, and yarn needles.  I was spoiled.  Love it.

Rowan Purelife wool and some colorful sock yarn.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Slipped Stitches Studios

On Saturday I went to the grand opening of Slipped Stitches Studios.  They make the cutest bags and other assorted tools for yarn lovers.  Laura runs the business and recently moved into a brand new space.  Check out her website:

The space is inspiring.  Her fabrics are great and there are at least fifteen different bags that I want.  I did win one of the raffle prizes and got the cutest bag with sheep:

It's reversible with pockets.    And inside were magnetic bookmarks.  One of which has a kitchener stitch reminder.  

Check out slipped stitches studios and find a bag you won't be able to resist.