Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WiPs Wednesday

It's December.  How did that happen?  And it's Wednesday; which means its Work in Progress day.

I've finished a few things over the last several weeks, I just haven't gotten the ends sewn in and photos taken.  So check in Friday for some FOs.

This week I am working on socks for me.  I also have the Emelie sweater and some finishing touches on other sweaters.

I just cast these on yesterday.  They're interesting.  I'm not sure about the colors.  Just not my colors.  But they're socks-so who cares.

The Emelie sweater.  I had to rip back 5 inches of this sweater because I managed to get off track on the lace panels.  The pattern is annoying.  It is over 6 pages with instructions scattered throughout in something other than order.  I have to flip back to page one, then 2 and back to 5 or 6 or wherever I may be in the pattern.  And because my postit note lost stickiness I lost my spot and guessed wrong.  I need to rewrite the instructions ignoring the instructions for all of the other sizes and lengths and put the lace charts on a separate page I can lay next to my instructions and then I think I will be on track.  It doesn't help that this is sock weight yarn on tiny needles.  What was I thinking?

I am also working on finishing up a couple of sweaters that have been hanging around way longer than they should.  The neckline is horrible.  I have to figure out what I want to do to fix it.  Maybe crocheting around the edge instead of knitting?  Maybe an Icord?  Any ideas?

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Have a great week.