Friday, March 27, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  TGIF!  I love Love LOVE Fridays!

Today I am going with Five on Fridays instead of Finished Objects Friday.  I have finished objects-however the aren't blocked or photographed.  So maybe you'll see them next week.

Five on Fridays is a post whereby you discuss 5 things that happened this week.

1.  Easter Socks are finally finally done.  I started these socks out of Cascade sock yarn and quickly came to not love the colors.

The socks are going to be a store sample to go with the cascade yarns so people can see an idea of the fabric and design the yarn creates.  I decided to knit them in the length for Bessie's feet, but that quickly went back to mine because I knit the cuff too small for her.  So they will eventually be mine.  Or maybe stay a forever store sample.

2. Kickstarter.  Our kickstarter ended and we didn't meet our goal.  We want to thank everyone who contributed and supported us.  Whether through contributing or by sharing and showing support other ways.  We are still opening our store and will keep you updated as we go forward.

3.  TeeSpring.  A lot of people loved our creative Tee Shirts so we've found a way to make them available to you now.  Purchasing shirts will still support us and you get an awesome shirt.  The Tee Spring company handles the payment, printing and shipping of all shirts.

Check them out through our Facebook page or through the Tee Spring website (you have to search Fiberlicious in the search bar to find them).  I think it is easier to find them by clicking the link on facebook-but use whatever method floats your boat.

4. Continuing Legal Education.  Otherwise known as CLE's.  I attended a really interesting one yesterday where the speaker was Hannah Smith of the Beckett Fund.  Link to profile here.  She spoke on Religious Liberty; specifically the Hobby Lobby case which dealt with whether a citizen loses their religious freedom when they open a business.  The Supreme Court ruled on the case under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (a bi-partisan act passed (Unanimous in the House and 90 something to 6 in the senate) in 1992 and signed into law by President Clinton).  Citation for the case is: Burwell v. Hobby Lobby 134 S. Ct. 2751 (June 30, 2014).   The discussion was really interesting.   Mrs. Smith discussed the media coverage of the case and touched on the non-profit organizations suing about the same HHS Mandate and the current progress of that case.  The Hobby Lobby case was one of over 40 cases consolidated for the Supreme Court case.

5.  This weeks Knitting/ Spinning.  First up knitting:  Spearmint Tee Shawl.  I just started this on Tuesday. It's a fast knit.  I'm loving it so far.  Really loving it.

The yarn is dragonfly yarns in the pixie base and the colorway is Firecracker.

For Spinning I have been working on a wool, silk and starina blend in a pretty pink, purple, orange colorway.

 The white stuff is the silk and it doesn't want to hold together.  It breaks every time I start spinning it by itself.  It really works up well when it's included with other fiber.  Unfortunately the way this bump was prepared the silk is separate almost everywhere. So we'll see what it becomes.  I'm still a beginner spinner.  So It's practice.

Have a wonderful weekend.  I'm going on the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl.  Started Thursday.  We're hitting all 29 stores in 2 days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WiPs Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

It's going to be a short one this week.  I moved over the weekend and so my knitting time has been consolidated to travel time only.

I've made progress on the Easter Socks (I've named them that because they scream Easter egg to me).

Yarn is Cascade Heritage Prints color # 12. I like it for the most part (although the green stripped section has become splitty in parts-none of the other colors have been splitty so far-so i'm thinking the fiber didn't like that dye).

I've made it past the heel turn and am working on the gussets.

Update on the kickstarter:  We've learned that other kickstarters have not been fulfilling their rewards as promised lately which has caused kickstarter to have lost its good reputation.  We aren't going to make our goal so no one will be charged.  We've had a lot of positive feedback on our shirt designs and will be selling them through a T-Shirt company that will do the printing and fulfillment so our customers have a guarantee that they'll get the product they order.  More info on that when it's ready to launch.

For more WiPs check out stitch-along-wednesday.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WiPs Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

It's going to be a short one this week.  I have a few WiPs but only one photo to show you.  I finished a couple of things over the last few weeks and haven't made much progress on some other things.  Plus I'm moving again.  This weekend.  I'm about 40% packed.  Moving is such fun. The packing part sucks.  The not being able to find my tape gun sucks.  But the actual moving is fun.  (I grew up moving-Army brat).

So this week I have a new pair of two at a time socks on circulars.  I'm calling them my Easter socks.

The colors are on probation.  I like them all individually but they're not doing it for me together.  They'll most likely be a store sample anyway.

The yarn is Cascade Heritage Prints color 12.  This is a 75% Superwash Merino wool and 25% nylon sock yarn.  Feels good on the hands.  And its working up nicely.  No knots when I wound the yarn- always a bonus.

I have a bit to go before I do the heel turn and gusset.

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