Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WiPs or I should say WiP

Happy Wednesday.  It's Work in Progress day.  Or Works in progress.

I've mainly been focusing on my Curious Collective Shawl for 2014.  By Helen Stewart of the Curious Handmade podcast.

I love this pattern.  Easy but fun and has enough things going to that it keeps your interest.  Plus Helen writes great patterns, including line by line written instructions and percentages done.

Check it out.  At 70%.

 Forgive the blurriness.  I was on the train and it looked clear.  Guess the bouncing didn't help.  But you can get an idea of the look of the shawl even with it all bunched up on smaller circular needles.

Closer view. 

I'm hoping to finish it this week.  And block it so I can wear it to OFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber).  So excited to be heading off to OFF.

For more WiPs check out Tamis Amis's Blog

Happy hump day.  Enjoy your week and may the weekend be swift in approaching but everlasting in length.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WiPs and San Diego Yarn Crawl

Happy Wednesday!

I've been working almost exclusively on my Curious Collective Shawl for 2014.  The pattern was released last Monday, I wound my yarn Tuesday and cast on.

I am currently two rows from the 50% mark.  There is a KAL going on over on the Curious Handmade Podcast Ravelry group-Goes through October 19th.  Check it out.  I've joined the English Rose Tribe.  (The tribes are just color coordinated ways for us to group ourselves and have a mini competition amongst the groups).

There is a part of the pattern that has us change colors every two rows.  I was carrying my floats but did not like the way that looked so I ripped back and cut instead.  I'm currently sewing in those ends to keep the particular edge stitches secure.

An overall view all scrunched up

Close up of the edge

Well I tried showing you what the lace section will look like.

Check out the group and there you can find photos of the finished shawl and links to purchase the pattern for yourself.

I finished the front section of my Estuary Tank No. 2.  I need to sew the shoulder seams together and then get the bottom stitches picked up and knit.  I've also decided to add sleeves to this version.  I'm aiming to have this finished by Monday.  Fingers crossed-well not really cause I can't knit with crossed fingers.  

For more WiPs check out Tamis Amis's Blog

Also if you are in Southern California don't forget that this weekend is the Second Annual Yarn Crawl.  You can print your passports here: SD Yarn Crawl Website

And I hear rumors that bags may still be available at some of the shops if you really want or need another tote.

The Yarnover truck will be down in San Diego and are releasing a new exclusive yarn color (and yarn I think) and two new patterns to go with the new exclusive YO Truck colorway.  I know one of the designers, Anthony Casalena will be there on the 21st, so you can talk with him about his design, get tips, or fan out and get your picture with him.  (& bonus there is an opportunity to enter to win the shawl he designed and knit for the truck).

Have a great Wednesday and the rest of the week.  May the weekend approach fast and last long.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WiPs Wednesday & Best welcome sign ever

Happy Wednesday.  I'm glad it's finally Wednesday.  I think having a long weekend combined with a vacation caused this week to feel like it's lasted 4 weeks.  Yesterday went on and on and on.

Hopefully today will go more smoothly.  I have a couple of WiPs to show you.  My current WiP list is:

1. Estuary tank #1-still need to finish my steek and sew the button band (this is the purple one)

2. Emelie Sweater- I've got about 8 inches done on this sweater.  I didn't mark where I left off and need to take some time to local my place in the pattern and knit on.  It's dark navy blue which means it is a daytime only knit.

3. Ravello- still on hold until I can get in touch with the dyer of the yarn.  I choose a sock yarn and the company that dyes the yarn also dyed my Slime time sock yarn- one wash and almost all the color is gone.  So I do not want to knit an entire sweater only to later find I've got a washed out barely there grey stripped sweater.  Especially since it is a sock yarn on small needles pattern.

4. Estuary #2- Blue.  I'm most likely going to be adding sleeves to this one.  I won't be steeking it.  I've got a couple of rows before I have finished the front and can sew the shoulders together.  Then the pattern adds some length at the waist.

No updated photo today-But here's a reminder of the color and pattern texture

5. Campside by Alicia Plummer.  This is a free pattern shawl that I cast on Friday night.  I don't have a picture because I literally did the cast on and set up row and that's it.  I put it aside because the Curious Collective 2014 was published Monday morning.  And I didn't have time to do any knitting over the weekend (sad face).

6. Curious Collective 2014 by Helen Stewart- This is a crescent shaped shawl that was designed after six weeks of voting on the elements of the shawl.  It's gorgeous.  I am knitting this in a mystery pink sock yarn (lost the tag-I'll find it when I go looking for it) and the main color is a light blue by Sun Valley Fibers in the Blueberry Crumble colorway. I hit the 5% mark this morning.  I grabbed the yarn, needles and pattern for the train ride yesterday.  I spent the morning ride winding my main color into a ball (with the yarn hanging around my neck and the jostling of the train it took the entire hour ride to wind) and then cast on during my ride home.

Cast on yesterday

Status today (5%)

For more WiPs check out: Tamis Amis' Blog

Enjoy your week.  I'll leave you with the Best Welcome Sign Ever!  (A wood carver was displaying these at the Oregon State Fair).  I am sure if these were next to my door I would have a 90% reduction in unwanted soliciting (especially the save my soul type-as the JW's (among others) have been coming by several times each week-even though they never want to talk to me once they hear I am not a Spanish speaker-apparently they are only attempting to save the Spanish speakers in my neighborhood). (****I don't need saving, thanks though****.)  

I would get the entire group- the moose, and the alien like "hills have eyes" types.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stitch N Pitch 2014

I've been uploading some photos from my phone to storage and realized that I did not tell you about stitch n pitch.

Stitch N Pitch, for those who do not know is an event where knitters and crocheters gather together to watch a baseball game.  Here in Southern California we have the Los Angeles Dodgers (who play in LA) and the Los Angeles Angels (who play in Anaheim).  The event for the Dodgers game was put together by the lovely ladies at the Yarnover Truck.

We bought our tickets through the truck and received a gift bag with sample yarn, some fun buttons, coupons and other things.  But the most prized item in that bag is the Bingo Game.  You have to find things like specific yarn brands, projects, bags, and some sports stuff thrown in (probably to make us watch part of the game).

The Dodgers won!

Part of our crew eating popcorn (Thanks Joan for the popcorn)

Bessie and I (love my blue hair)

Maria and her son wearing one of the wigs by Lisa

Close up of my blue hair.  See the knitters in the background?

If there is a stitch n pitch event near you I highly recommend you attend.  They're a lot of fun and a good way to get those non-knitters to attend a knitting event.

Friday, September 5, 2014

FO Friday and a Funny

Happy Friday.

I have one finished object for you this week.  A basic hat.  This is a thank you gift for a friend of my Brother.

The recipient lives in Australia.  So that means I finished it just in time for their spring and summer.  That's ok it will keep.

Here it is-modeled by Lisa:

For more FO's check out Tamis Amis' Blog

And for a little bit of humor:

(Picture was taken from Facebook.  I do not know who the original photographer is and do not have any origin information).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WiPs & My Fav Utah LYS

Happy Wednesday Everyone.

I love Wednesdays.  It's half way through the week and it means I am that much closer to my goal of a stress free work free weekend.  (Not that my weekend's end up work free, but typically they are free of job related work).

I've been working on a couple of things.  I've been traveling so there hasn't been a great deal of knitting going on.  One trip was work related and the other was for my baby sister's wedding.  A family wedding means lots of family activities and that didn't leave a lot of time or brain power for knitting.

I've still knitting away on my Estuary tank.  This one feels like it is taking hours longer than the other one.  The first one I did 90% in a marathon of weekend knitting.  And this one I've been pulling out sporadically.

I'm close to the arm hole shaping and neckline shaping.  I'm still wavering on sleeves or no sleeves.  I'll probably add sleeves.

I also went up a size from my last version.  The pattern is written for positive ease of 4-10 inches.  My last one is close to zero ease.  I haven't tried it on, but feel like it's got to be huge. We'll see.  If it is, I will steek it and take care of any extra width.

I also started the shawl collared cowl by Alana Dakos.  My friend Lisa made one and it is gorgeous!  So it is going to be a present for someone.  Can't say who.  This is the internet you know.

It's almost half way done.  It's my train knitting today and probably for the rest of the week, so I am hopeful that it will be finished by this weekend.

For more WiPs check out Tamis Amis' Blog

Early last week, on a work related trip to Utah, I visited my very most favoritist Local Yarn Shop in Utah.  It's located in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City and is called Blazing Needles.

I have a yarny festival coming up so I kept my wallet in my purse except for the last few minutes when it slipped out and this happened:

Aren't their reusable bags adorable?  I found shepherds wool in a purply bluish color and the fushia color.  I'm making the shawl collared cowl out of them.

Here's a shot of the outside of the shop.  I love their yarn ball, knitting needles and knitting sculpture.

I was also in Oregon last week/weekend for my sister's wedding.  My brother was the officiant (courtesy of the Universal Life Church and the internet).  He did a great job.  No inappropriate jokes.  At least not until the wedding was over.  The rest of the weekend he would say (to anyone and everyone) "I don't know what you did this weekend, but I married my sister".  ha ha ha.  Most people know his sense of humor and did not immediately think "are these people Appalachians?"  (No offense to the Appalachians).

Elizabeth and Paul (the groom) looked great and it was a Beautiful wedding.  Most of the pictures haven't been processed, but here are a couple I took.

Wedding present of a bamboo money tree

 The newly married couple and Bride's parents

No traditional wedding cake, instead we had Brownie Sundae's.  In place of the traditional bite of cake, you get spraying of whipped cream.

Have a great week everyone!