Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WiPs and San Diego Yarn Crawl

Happy Wednesday!

I've been working almost exclusively on my Curious Collective Shawl for 2014.  The pattern was released last Monday, I wound my yarn Tuesday and cast on.

I am currently two rows from the 50% mark.  There is a KAL going on over on the Curious Handmade Podcast Ravelry group-Goes through October 19th.  Check it out.  I've joined the English Rose Tribe.  (The tribes are just color coordinated ways for us to group ourselves and have a mini competition amongst the groups).

There is a part of the pattern that has us change colors every two rows.  I was carrying my floats but did not like the way that looked so I ripped back and cut instead.  I'm currently sewing in those ends to keep the particular edge stitches secure.

An overall view all scrunched up

Close up of the edge

Well I tried showing you what the lace section will look like.

Check out the group and there you can find photos of the finished shawl and links to purchase the pattern for yourself.

I finished the front section of my Estuary Tank No. 2.  I need to sew the shoulder seams together and then get the bottom stitches picked up and knit.  I've also decided to add sleeves to this version.  I'm aiming to have this finished by Monday.  Fingers crossed-well not really cause I can't knit with crossed fingers.  

For more WiPs check out Tamis Amis's Blog

Also if you are in Southern California don't forget that this weekend is the Second Annual Yarn Crawl.  You can print your passports here: SD Yarn Crawl Website

And I hear rumors that bags may still be available at some of the shops if you really want or need another tote.

The Yarnover truck will be down in San Diego and are releasing a new exclusive yarn color (and yarn I think) and two new patterns to go with the new exclusive YO Truck colorway.  I know one of the designers, Anthony Casalena will be there on the 21st, so you can talk with him about his design, get tips, or fan out and get your picture with him.  (& bonus there is an opportunity to enter to win the shawl he designed and knit for the truck).

Have a great Wednesday and the rest of the week.  May the weekend approach fast and last long.

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