Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WiPs Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

It's going to be a short one this week.  I moved over the weekend and so my knitting time has been consolidated to travel time only.

I've made progress on the Easter Socks (I've named them that because they scream Easter egg to me).

Yarn is Cascade Heritage Prints color # 12. I like it for the most part (although the green stripped section has become splitty in parts-none of the other colors have been splitty so far-so i'm thinking the fiber didn't like that dye).

I've made it past the heel turn and am working on the gussets.

Update on the kickstarter:  We've learned that other kickstarters have not been fulfilling their rewards as promised lately which has caused kickstarter to have lost its good reputation.  We aren't going to make our goal so no one will be charged.  We've had a lot of positive feedback on our shirt designs and will be selling them through a T-Shirt company that will do the printing and fulfillment so our customers have a guarantee that they'll get the product they order.  More info on that when it's ready to launch.

For more WiPs check out stitch-along-wednesday.

Have a great week.

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  1. Sorry to hear of the yarn not cooperating. Those are pretty, though.