Monday, May 12, 2014

A Day in the Life- 5KCBWDAY1

It's the 5th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week.  Run by Eskimimimakes.  Seven unique tags were created to track the amount of traffic created by this blog week.  Take the unique tag and google it to find all of the bloggers talking about these topics this week. This week's tag is 5KCBWDAY1

Today's topic is a Day in the Life of your knitting.  Several people wrote narratives from the knitting's perspective.  I'm not feeling that creative today.  It is Monday after all and the fact that I am awake and functioning at work is a win for me.  (Didn't sleep well-which is not unusual for me-at least I wasn't sleep walking).

I thought about telling you about taking a project along for the yarn crawl this year.  We drove to 30 different yarn stores over the course of 2 days in Los Angeles County.  I cast on the Monsoon shawl and made it to the lace section as we drove.  (No knitting and driving-it's more dangerous than drinking and driving).  We had a designated driver.  She didn't knit and drive.  Although she did get to knit a little bit at lunch and in the evening at the hotel.  I decided not to go there, because I talked about it in my yarn crawl review.

Instead of focusing on any one project I'll talk about how I fit knitting into a regular day in my life.

I commute to Los Angeles for work.  I live in Orange County.  I'm sure you know (LA has a reputation for this) that LA traffic SUCKS!!!!  Big time.  It is horrible.  It can take me three hours to go 25 miles.  LA traffic gives me road rage.  I begin to hate everyone around me.  And I KNOW I just know that in front of that jerk in front of me is open road.  And he is just rolling along as if we have an endless amount of time to get to work.  See what I mean?  Road rage.  I don't yell or honk or even tail gate.  I steam.  Sometimes I call names-not loudly-just inside my car.  I vent.  I've heard that's healthier than holding it in.

So driving to work was a bad idea for me.  I lasted a month.  Then I found the train.  The lovely, quiet, speedy train.  Sure we stop at a lot of train stops, but there is absolutely no stop and go traffic on the train.  The worst experience I've had is being stuck for a couple of hours when the train hit a car (who doesn't stop for trains?  Really?)  No one was hurt btw-the guy jumped out of his car and ran in plenty of time.

The best part of the train is that I knit.  I get on the train and pull out the project in my bag and start knitting.  I stop right before we arrive at Union Station.  Then I knit for the ten minutes or so of subway riding before I climb to street level and walk the rest of the way in to the office.

Train knitting this week-Hitchhiker

I always always have knitting in my purse.  If I am waiting in a line, I'm usually knitting.  If we're waiting for a movie to start, I'm knitting.  If I have ten minutes of extra time while waiting for a call to finish, I'm knitting.  I don't knit in court, because Judges frown on that.  Even the ones that knit behind the bench (and there are quite a few of those).  And I don't knit in church.  But everywhere else I knit.

I also knit in the evening while watching TV or playing games or whatever else we may be doing.  On an average day I am lucky enough to be able to knit at least 3 hours.  I know I'm lucky to have so much time to dedicate to knitting.  It helps keep projects moving and getting things finished faster.  And knitting while commuting means that I can listen to a lot of knitting podcasts.

What's your Day in the Life?


  1. Amy that's a great amount of knitting! I usually don't settle down until 4 or so in the afternoon to knit. I knit watching TV at night. I knit in the car, at doc appts and waiting for others to join me for lunch coffee and the like. Makes me less impatient with people that are always running late

    1. Thanks Kathy. I'm with you-if I have my knitting then I don't mind waiting in lines or waiting for someone who is late. In fact, I'm usually hoping for a bit of extra time...