Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Conversation with Miss Addi 5KCBWDAY4

It's Day 4 of blog week and today's assignment is to create a conversation between coworkers.  We are to choose a tool that we use and create a conversation between us and it.

Miss Addi is a lovely size 3 Addi Turbo circular needle with a 40 inch cord.  Mrs. Tweed is the gorgeous older, but wiser sparkly tweed project bag that Miss Addi is currently residing in.

Miss Addi: I've said it before and I will say it again I am the most important person involved here.  I think you should just admit it.

Mrs. Tweed:  You are important, but you are not the most important.  Everyone has some value.  For example without me, you would be lost or hopelessly tangled about and a complete emotional mess and you know it.  And without the yarn neither of us would have a purpose.

Miss Addi:  You just think you're important because you carry me everywhere.  Without me, there would be no end result.  So I am the most important.

Mrs. Tweed:  Why are you overly concerned with your importance?  Why don't you try to think about what is special about others?

Miss Addi: Everyone likes to think that they're special.  I know you have value.  And you're a lot prettier than I am.  But I still think I am the most important.  If I was gone and you were left, then what would happen to little hitch?  Think about that.  And until you admit I am the most important, I'm not making another stitch.

Mrs. Tweed:  Very well.  In this instance you can be the most important.  Now can we get back to work?

Google 5KCBWDAY4 for more conversations between tools...

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