Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WiPs and Experimental Photography 5KCBWDAY3

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's works in progress day and day three of the Knitters and Crochet Blog Week.  Tag for today is 5KCBWDAY3.  Google the tag to find more posts on today's topic.

Experimental Photography is today's topic.  We were encouraged to use our knitting in a different way or to photograph our knitting with props.  I didn't have time to put together the post I'd imagined, so here's a quick and fast experimental shot of this week's WiP.

My Emelie sweater.  If you recall I've been working on this sweater for awhile.  Or not working on it as the case may be.  I've gotten almost two inches into the ribbing.  It is a 3 x 2 ribbing worked flat.  Takes forever and frankly bores me.

Here's my progress:

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