Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fun loving playful spirit seeks someone to play with 5KCBWDAY2

Here's hoping that topic doesn't put me on the spammers radar...

Today is Day 2 of blog week.  Our topic-a dating profile.  Write a dating profile for a work in progress or a completed work.  Today's tag: 5KCBWDAY2


A little about me:

I’m 3 months old, from Orange, California, cute full of spunk and get feisty on occasion.  I love my job and, not to brag, I’m quite good at it.  I’m a social butterfly that has a great sense of adventure.  I believe that we’re all a “work in progress” that only get better with time, but in my case, I’m still growing.  

(Me in my "all together")

I love color and absolutely love texture.  Travel is so much fun.  In my young life I've traveled the country and if a lady had a bit of work done while traveling, who’s gonna say anything about it?  Not me.  Nothing wrong with a bit of work.  Everyone needs a little help to stay looking their best.

I love long walks in chilly weather.  I get out more often when it’s chilly or if a good movie is playing and some couch snuggling is in order.  I absolutely love the beach.  I know that seems silly, given my looks and all, but I don’t mind the sand.  And find that I can get a little work done while relaxing in the sun.  Rain doesn't bother me.  Snow can be fun as long as I’m not forgotten on the slopes.

(Me chillin at the beach-please excuse my undress)

I will tell you that I absolutely abhor bugs.  They are awful.  Moths are the worst.  If you have bugs in your house or apartment-it’s a deal breaker for me.  Only the truly clean and bug free should apply. 

I love almost everyone.  I’m willing to spend time with anyone who needs or wants me.  Other than summer evenings, I like to go out more in the winter or fall.  I see myself getting around a lot more next winter.  I share my small space with a lot of others.  So if you’re looking for alone time; it’ll have to be outside or at your place.  Keep in mind, though, that I am a good girl and won’t spend the night without commitment.  And you’ll have to ask my mother for permission.

If you think you can handle me, give me a holler.

Google 5KCBWDAY2 for more dating profiles.

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  1. what a cute assignment! your post was a fun read