Monday, October 28, 2013

Village Venture Aftermath

This past weekend was a busy busy weekend.  A couple of friends and I headed up North to Claremont and attended the Village Venture.  The Venture is a huge arts and crafts show.  It spanned 19 blocks.  The stalls were set up on each side of every street and most of the shops in the village were open as well.  I didn't take a lot of photos of stalls, most of the vendors had signs asking that no pictures were taken.  (Probably because most of what I saw I could recreate if I had the time, energy and desire).

We started the day at a LYS- Colors 91711 in Claremont.  Colors is also next door to the public library which made it an excellent starting and ending spot (actually bathrooms and not port o potties and easy to remember).  We wound our way through about a quarter of the venture before taking a break for lunch.

We choose Dr. Grubbs.  I actually checked in on Facebook (which I rarely do because frankly who cares where you go and what you do and where you choose to eat-unless on vacation or there's another reason you want me to know where you are at every moment of your day- you know who you are...).  I mention this only because of the following conversation that took place in the comments of that checkin.

Mom: "Are you ok"?
Me: "Yes.  Its a restaurant with tasty yummy food"
Brother: " Amy, stop making your mom worry!  Imagine, going to a medical themed restaurant like that!"
Mom:  "Sounds much better than a physician's office"

We giggled over that conversation for the rest of the afternoon.

There were several booths selling yarn related merchandise but no real sellers of yarn.  I did find this purse and thought that the flowers were pretty.  I would never use a purse like this because I would get those blooms caught on everything and it wouldn't take more than a week before they were ripped off after being caught and me not noticing.

We stopped in one shop with vintage things (if you can call stuff from the 80's and 90's vintage) and they had a beautiful covered garden patio in the back.  

This little garden is pretty and about the right size for my patio.  Plus bonus-not much watering required.

I just love the way they decorated these pumpkins.  The plants are glued on.  I'm not sure how long they would last before dying but I think you could add plants on top of a pumpkin without glue as long as it was a bowl type of top and not rounded.

There were at least three vendors selling silverware jewelry.  Do you remember that stuff?  I know I have a pair of fork earrings somewhere and a spoon bracelet.  I think I bought them in 1992.  In any case I think this guy (girl?) is pretty cool.

The Venture had one street dedicated to community groups, charities and animal shelters.  One of the shelters works with birds and brought a hawk and several owls.  It was fun seeing them up close; especially watching the owls watch the golden retrievers next door.  

We also spent half an hour or so sitting on the grass watching people walk by, resting our feet and knitting.

I'm still working on the Graphically Gray Baby Blanket for Emmaline who arrived on Friday.  

It was a great day.  We didn't break the bank shopping, got about 2.5 miles of walking done (thanks fitbit) and came home with a small haul:

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