Friday, October 4, 2013

Flying High

As I waited for a subway train this week I looked up and saw this:

It's extremely odd.  They have hung mannequins from the ceiling so that they look like they're flying.  Its strange.  It made me giggle.

I do like the Shadow and reflection on the ceiling.

What I don't understand is-why do they have numbers on their chests?  

Are these mannequins running from the law?  Recently out of prison?  I'm just generally amused by the odd decorations in Los Angeles' metro stations.

In knitting news-I finally finished my niece's boot cuffs.  I ripped them out three times.  If you remember, I did not find a pattern that I liked and so I was winging it.  I decided to go with a basic pattern with one cable on each side of the cuffs (total of 4 cables).  Once I started the final pair they knit up really quickly.  I finished them in 4 hours of train knitting.  This morning I began casting off in rib stitch, hated the look of the edge-too wavy, and tinked back to do a regular knitted cast off.  

Ta Da:

They need to be blocked to even out some of the stitches on the edge where the cable kept stretching them out.  Totally worth knitting two at a time on one circular needle.  

I cast on 52 stitches for each cuff.  Worked a two by two rib for an inch did one row of purls (so my niece knows which way is up) and then started the basic cable.  purl until you reach the 8 stitches where the cable goes and knit then return to purling.  After four rows, I did a c4b, c4f for a row and then repeat the pattern.  4 rows purl and knit row 5-purl and cable.

Simple and fast.

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