Friday, October 18, 2013

Train Knitting and Weekend Chocolate

I've been commuting on trains daily for several months now.  I love the trains.  Los Angeles traffic is well known and hated.  It's awful.  It can take a 20 minute drive and turn it into a four hour tour.  As anyone who knows me really well, the world took a huge sigh of relief when I began commuting via the train.  (I confess to having a minor road rage problem.  Rumor has it that a demon takes over my brain and says terrifyingly mean things to other drivers, including cursing offspring.  But you know-rumors-can't trust those).

So I started taking the train.  Not only do I not have to sit barely moving behind that one guy who is holding everyone up because clearly you can see the miles of open road in front of him-at least if my car was higher I could see that.  But now I get 2 hours a day to knit or read or sit and stare.  I tend to knit.  And now I listen  to some pretty awesome and entertaining pod casts while I knit.  My most recent and new fav is the knitmoregirls show.  It is a mother daughter duo and I am always thoroughly entertained listening to them.  The ride goes by in a blur.

This week I've been working on a pair of long ago cast on socks.  Last night at knitting Bessie was petting them and said complementary things and so I told her she could have them.  I've turned the heel and am half way to the toes after this morning.  Although Bessie's feet are longer than mine, so the half way may be a bit off, but who's really checking?

Here they are in progress:

They are knit in knit picks sport weight yarn and are really really pettable.  I'm wearing a pretty flowery skirt that reminds me of spring and summer.  And because we're still sporting the 80+ weather in the south land I can get away with wearing it.

This weekend I am taking a chocolate class with a friend.  We're going to learn all things gourmet and chocolaty.  I can't wait.  I'm especially excited for the chocolate boxes and have my fingers crossed that there will be tastings allowed.

I may or may not have pictures.  Depends on how much chocolate tasting is allowed and whether I can still operate a camera with chocolate covered fingers.  Chocolate for lunch is healthy right?

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