Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lady Bugs, Ornaments and New yarn

I crocheted a diaper cover and hat in a lady bug pattern and finished it last week.  I've forgotten how fast crocheting can go.  A friend of mine gave me the pattern and it turned out stinking cute.

You make several button holes to allow for a longer use.  Here's the back:

I also signed up for a quick ornament swap and decided to make granny stars:

A close up:

And my favorite part of today-showing off my newest yarn acquisitions.  These were all purchased at the Fiber Frolic.

Slime time will become some socks

I have no idea what I am going to do with this.  A shawl maybe?  Hat?  Christmas ball ornaments?

This is destined for a cowl.

This will be used in a sweater-there are 3 cakes and I think with some navy stripes or sleeves there will be enough for a sweater.  Now to find a pattern and some time to knit.

My buddy, Bessie, bought this for me.  She said she couldn't resist once she saw the name of the yarn.  (Everyone loves to make those lawyer jokes.)  It's gorgeous and has a lot of green colors in it.  The picture doesn't do the yarn justice.  I'm planning some socks.  I love it.  Thanks Bessie!

Since I taught myself, with the help of you tube, how to knit two socks at the same time on one circular I've been buying or collecting sock yarn like crazy.  It's crazy because I mainly go sock-less.  This is flip flop territory and even sitting at my desk at the law firm I am often wearing flip flops (I bring "real" shoes and put them on when I have to).

In a couple of weeks we're having an event here in Southern Cali-the Yarnosphere.  There will be classes (I signed up for reading Japanese knitting or crochet patterns), a sit n knit to make some wash clothes for charity, and of course there will be SHOPPING!  New yarn anyone?

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