Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hi.  I'm sitting at my desk (during my lunch hour) looking out the window at downtown Los Angeles and wondering when Friday is going to come.  The city line looks very grey today.  It's another hot day (high 80's) without any rain or storms in the near past or future.  (Now I hear rumors that there was a bit of rain over the weekend; lasting about 15 minutes in the Los Angeles area-but haven't seen any tangible proof.  We definitely did not have rain in Orange County.  There was some very extreme lightening on Sunday in the Venice Beach area and sadly one person lost their life and 6 others were injured.  We just don't get weather here.)  In any case the grey of downtown is due to the smog.  No weather means nothing pushes our pollution away.

The hot weather also means that I have very little desire to knit right now.  Which is challenged by my desire to finish stash dash and complete the 3-4 large projects that are close to completion so I can get a win.  I do have a finished pair of socks and am really really really close to finishing the Estuary tank.

I had the pleasure of one of my nieces for the weekend.  Hannah came visiting from Oregon and we went non-stop.  I am exhausted and need a vacation from her vacation.  We went to the garment district in LA with friends and shopped till we dropped.  Then had a lunch that was divine (and possibly the cause of a future angiogram. (just kidding Mom-I do not need an angio).  We went to BadMaash which is an Indian Gastropub downtown.  I heard about this place from Barbara of the Yarnover Truck (she's been instagraming photos of delicious food eaten during Jury Duty lunch breaks).

To tempt you, I offer:

Chicken Tikki Massala Poutine

The photo does not do this dish justice.  It is yummy yummy yummy.  It is what I want as a last meal.  It was soooooooo good.  Traditional Chicken Tikki on top of french fries, brown gravy and cheese curds.  Need I say more?

We also had Butter Chicken.  It was good as well.  Just not Poutine good.

The picky eaters of the group agreed that the food was divine and that "we HAVE to go back".  And so we will.  One day.  When my veins recover.  When my cholesterol returns to normal levels.  Or maybe next week.  Just run 20 miles first.

We also hit the Orange County Fair.  We ate more bad food, rode thrilling rides, and wagered against carnies at the many games.  Hannah and I evaluated, strategized and succeeded at winning 3 times out of 3 times at that shoot water into the tiny hole to blow up the balloon game.  She came away from the fair with 4 stuffed animals.  We also rested our feet while watching a cute family circus within the fair.  This guy was very entertaining:

By Sunday I needed a day of rest.  So we went to the beach.  No resting was had.  There were high waves needing conquering and a couple of teens and I with body boards were just the conquering heroes needed.

It is now Wednesday and I am just about recovered.  In between the shopping, fair and beach were also movies and mall trips and more things that are a blur.  I'm actually glad to be back at work where I can sit avoid more shopping.

I do have knitting to show you.  Even though its been hot and I don't feel like knitting.  I finished the red anklets (more about that Friday).  I've finished the sleeves for the Estuary Tank.  I have not sewed them on yet and still have the steeking and picking up of the button band to finish.  My goal is to have that done by Friday.  **Fingers Crossed**

I cast on a new pair of socks:

OnLine Supersocke in the streamer colorway.  

They have yellow, white and grey, green, blue and a grey blue.  The ribbing is done and I have about an inch of the cuff done.

I've finished half a sleeve in my other Tee that's been languishing since February and hope to have that done before Monday.

I also have ends to weave in on my blanket/ cheater project for stash dash.  (Anything finished counts)

And I need to cast on and finish a hat for a cancer charity hat drive.  That will happen tomorrow night at knitting group.  I'm going to use Caron simply Soft because (having had a bald head and worn hats made from that) I know it will feel good and not itch.

That's it from me for WiPs.  I've got more WiPs that are languishing without any care or knitting.  I'll get back to them as the weather lightens up a bit.  Or at least when it cools down at night.

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