Friday, August 1, 2014

TGIF & FO Friday

TGIF!  Happy Friday everyone.

I've got a couple of finished objects to show you.

First up are the red anklets:

They came out quite nicely if a bit stiff.  I have not blocked them yet but I have worn them.  They loosen up as I wear them and I think once they've been washed they'll soften.

I also finished the sleeves and sewed them on (and wove in most of the ends) for the Estuary Tank that I am turning into a cardigan.  I have not steeked it and I could just wear it as a pullover for a bit.  Also not blocked.  But the knitting is done.  Unless I do steek...

It's not the best picture because I took it at knitting night last night after I finished adding the sleeves.  The color is fairly accurate.  And it is mainly cotton-so soft.  And not heavy.

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Have a great weekend.

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  1. aw The Red Sox are perfect. Estuary will be lovely to wear