Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm so happy it's Wednesday.  It's been a long week over here.  It was a long week at the end of Monday.  This weekend will more than make up for it though.  My niece is coming to visit.  She's 14 and we have a lot of fun things to do.

I've been focusing on my red anklets and the sleeves on a couple of WiPs/ UFOs for stash dash this week.  We're close to the end for stash dash and unless I get these sleeves done I will not make the finish line.

The red anklets are just about finished. I'm on the toe decreases and should be getting close to kitchenering tonight on the train home.

That picture is from last night on the train.  My dress has black and white stripes on the bottom but then merges into a graphic print and flowery print.  I received several compliments on the look yesterday it may just become a favorite dress.  I think it was really the accessorizing.  I wore teal platform heels, black dangly earrings and a black hat.  I overheard a guy yesterday morning at the train station tell another "It's not the clothes, it's the way you rock them and she is rockin that dress".

Back to the knitting:

Still working on sleeves for the Estuary Tank.  Hate these:

So I will be ripping back and trying something else later tonight.  I am bound and determined to finish this tank soon.  Otherwise it'll be fall/winter.  Who am I kidding, this is Southern California, I'll still wear the same stuff.  I want it to be done though.  That should count.

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