Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WiPs Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.  It's even better this week because of the holiday.  Which means shorter than usual work week for me.  Yay!!!

Last weekend I went camping with friends and had a wonderful time.  We went to a small camp site called Rancho Jurupa out in Riverside.  This little campground is literally right in Riverside City.  About 2 minutes outside the historic area.

It's a cute little place that I hear is usually quiet.  We happened to pick a weekend with girl scouts camping and a couple of family reunions.  Everyone was having a wonderful time and that meant noise.  The noise didn't bother me except for at 6:30 am on Sunday morning.  (Whoever was having a blast laughing at that hour is a sick sick person).  Just saying.

Here are a couple of photos:

 Our little camp site.

 "Ruck" This creature looks like a rooster and a duck got together for some sweet sweet loving and he was the result.  Hence our name for him- Ruck.  Very docile and friendly, would even come swimming across the lake to Lisa if she called him.

The Lake.  For fishing and not swimming.

For Works in Progress this week I have some progress on my Hitchhiker to show you.

I'm using size 3 addi lace needles and am getting used to them.  I think I am a bamboo girl.  I knit much faster and don't have finger pain from the needle sitting on my knuckle with bamboo.  I do get the pain with the addi's.  I know people love them.  So I am giving them a fair shot and am making sure I'm not holding on with the newbie death grip.

I've also been doing some spinning.  I believe it is white cheviot from Paradise Fibers.  But it could be another fiber I bought the same day.  Don't remember off hand and the bag is at home.  I'll let you know if it is something different.

I don't take a break to move the sliding hook often enough.  So I get these bumps.  Mike asked me if I was making something in particular because of the bumps.  Thought it might be a technique or something.  When I told him it is because I don't stop and move the hook he said "oh.  I guess you should do that more often.  Isn't it going to be a problem".  It probably will when I attempt to ply.  But that's later and I'll deal with it then.  It might have been a good time to mention the wooly winder and the automatic loading feature...hmmm.  

Anyway the same pile is still in my WiPs bag.  I've got 4 pairs of socks.  Finished turning the heel on the red anklets.  Haven't touched anything else.

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  1. I too prefer bamboo to metal needles ... they just grip better, I think! Lovely hitchiker, and cute duck :-)

  2. I'm a wood/bamboo needle knitter also. They just feel better to me than metal.