Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and in the knitting blogger world that means it is WIP (work in progress) Wednesday.   

I just finished a huge long project- the Cardigan for my dad.  I am rather proud of that sweater.  It turned out great and I love hearing the comments from other people about this sweater.  Knitting is a practice of love.  We don't knit for money and we don't knit for fame.  We do it because we love it and love the recipient.

This week I have a felicity hat on the needles and am working on my sampler square blanket.

The felicity is a simple slouchy hat.  I decided to use cascade 220 sport.  Not only is this yarn machine washable but it is also a lovely soft yarn to knit with.

The Twisted Stitchers, a local knitting and crocheting group in Orange County, decided to do a KAL or CAL.  We decided on 12 inch squares and a swap.  I have a collection of squares and just need to decide how to put them together.  I am still playing with the order of the squares.  There are a lot of different colors and no theme. 

I think I'll frame each square in black, add a few rows of simple black in stockinette stitch and then sew them all together.  That way each square will be featured, the same size and shouldn’t get lost by some of the others.  The ladies in my group are quite talented as you can see from the squares.  

I'm really looking forward to seeing my finished sampler blanket and seeing what everyone else comes up with for theirs.  

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