Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finally FINISHED!!!

It's done.  It's Finally FINISHED!!!!  The sweater that has taken FOREVER to finish.  It didn't really take forever.  I began knitting this sweater in November.  Hoping to finish it in time to give to my Dad for Christmas.  I also had a list of other things to knit for Christmas.  December came and I didn't have a chance to knit Dad's sweater.  Why do we knitters think we can get so many projects done during the month of December.  Things are so hectic with life, that knitting time was not available.

In any case, I did not finish in time.  I finished the back part of the sweater and wrapped that up and promised to have the entire sweater done soon.  I took the back home with me and continued knitting.  The only problem was boredom.  This sweater has a ton of cabling.  Not something that you would normally get bored with.  I think it is the amount of time.  Even my knitting speed decreased by half.  Too many different stitches.  Too many opportunities to f*ck up.  I love mistakes.  But I didn't want a ton of them.  Take a good look at this sweater and you will see mistakes.

I don't rip out.  What's the point.  Most mistakes I can fix later.  Others I leave as a design effect.  In this sweater there are purls where there should be knit stitches.  I think of them as my own take on the design.

February began and I took up the sweater with a vengeance.  Every spare moment, every game night, every minute watching movies or TV I was knitting.  I wasn't always knitting this sweater.  As I said boredom was a problem.  So when I was really bored, I worked on and finished other projects.  Mainly hats.


Take a look:

The color is light grey.  The first photo is taken outside.  The others inside.  The yarn is Lion Brand wool ease worsted weight.  The pattern is the Northshore Cardigan by Lion Brand.  See the details on my Ravelry page.

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  1. Very lucky dad, what a labor of love and am sure he must love it. Don't show it to my husband, he will wonder why I don't knit one up for him.