Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Helpful Pretty Things

I love stitch markers.  They are essential when knitting (and sometimes while crocheting).  There are all different types of stitch markers.  Small, medium and large.  Those that lock and those that don't. Plastic, beads, metal, etc.  You can purchase the little plastic locking ones or the little plastic hook type. My favorite are the locking stitch markers.  (Forgive the awful phone today).

The last thing you want to deal with when knitting is forgetting to move a non locking stitch marker and have it become a permanent part of your project.  Or cutting the marker or ripping out to remove it.

I decided to make some of my own markers.  I have a large box of beads left over from making books about 15 years ago.  (Anyone else out there play around with homemade books?)  First problem- I had no idea how to make stitch markers.  So I googled.  I love the internet.  I remember what we did before the internet.  I love the library.  Card catalogs and tons of books.  Books- My first love.

Anyhow...Google had a few suggestions.  There are some tutorials online-sort of.  The type of tutorials for people who already know what they are doing and forgot.  I think.  Not the type of tutorial that someone who has NEVER made jewelry or stitch markers looks for though.  I did not find one of those.  A few of those tutorials and websites had a list of tools and supplies necessary.

I took an early morning trip over to Michaels (a lot of people there on a weekday early am).  And found a plethora of options.  Most people suggested getting headpins.  No one mentioned that you need a headpin that is larger than the bead holes.  (FYI you want a headpin larger than the bead so that the bead doesn't just slip off.)  Not to worry I had some supplies from a friend who made some beaded necklaces and attempted to draft me into the project.

Back to supplies:  headpins or wire, closures, crimp beads, beads or whatever you want to decorate with, wire cutters, and good lighting.

This is what I came up with:

I'll work up a tutorial eventually.

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