Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mobile Yarn Sales-YAY!!!

Last Saturday I went to the launch party for the Yarnover Truck.  This is a truck that travels around the LA area selling yarn and notions for knitting and crocheting.  The two women who opened the business were friends who both wanted to open a yarn store.   Food trucks are quite popular in Southern California and in other areas and other types of products are now sold the same way.  This truck is a former little Debbie’s snack truck.  It has been completely remodeled and now sells yarn.  They have a skylight in the top, hard wood floors and shelf after shelf of beautiful yarn.

Everyone at the party checked in and received a gift bag with a large mug with the Yarnover truck logo, a little Debbie snack, a few stitch markers, and a mini skein-sampler of some of the specialty yarn designed for the truck, a coupon and a button.

Then we were invited to shop.  We were the first yarn lovers to enter the truck and buy yarn.  Let me tell you it was crowded in that truck.  But none of us let that bother us or stop us from standing, crouching, leaning and grabbing for what caught our eye.  There were so many pretty yarns.  So many soft yarns.  Way too much temptation.  I held myself back.  The LA County Yarn Crawl is two weeks away.  I gave myself a very small budget for this launch party. 

I bought the knitter’s tool tin with the YO Truck logo filled with a ton of notions.  A measuring tape, cable needle, sewing needle, yarn holder, stitch markers, tiny scissors (like the puppy snips) and a yarn sewing needle.

I knit a quick swatch with the sample yarn from the gift bag.  It's beautiful too.  I think I will buy more and knit a t shirt or sweater out of this yarn.

I bought three little buttons:

Yarn on Board

I knit because I am smarter than you

Warning I touch strangers in hand-knits.

I also caved in and bought two skeins of gorgeous green yarn from blue sky.  Alpaca silk in the shade of peapod.  The picture sucks.  The light is wrong.  It makes the color look icky.  This is a beautiful light shade of green.  This yarn is so soft.  It makes me want to buy more of it.  A ton.  For a blanket, a sweater, a hat and anything else that I can curl up with or for wearing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these blogs had a feel feature.  You’d want it too.

You can go buy beautiful soft things at the Yarnover Truck too.  They’ve got a facebook page and also update their whereabouts on twitter.

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  1. Are you kidding? There is a truck that sells yarn? Better than an ice-cream truck! Your buttons cracked me up!