Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vegas Socks & Zzyzx Oasis

Mike and I headed over to Vegas last week for a business meeting.  On the road to Vegas off the 15 North from Southern California heading towards Vegas, there is a road called Zzyzx road.  At the end of this road is a small oasis with an old hotel. 

The California University Desert Studies Division now owns the oasis.  The existing structures were built decades ago when the property was run as a hot springs health spa.  A Mr. Springer chose the name because he claimed it to be the last word in the English language.   It’s paved part of the way and gravel the rest of the way.  In the middle of the Oasis is a small pond with a fountain in the middle.   

The ruins of the old hot springs health spa are still standing.  

Desert studies students and other scientists have the opportunity to stay at the oasis while studying in the desert.  They allow non-students to spend the night or weekend as well.  Contact the California Desert Studies program for more information. 

It is very peaceful and quiet out at Zzyzx.  We spent a couple of hours walking around and looking at everything.  The hotel rooms are small and reminiscent of the 1940's.  Twin beds, small closets and bathrooms are available in each room.  The public restroom close to the spa ruins has a ton of little kitchy things on the wall.  The sign above the chalkboard says " Something clever to say?  So answer the call.  Just don't scrawl it on our wall."

                                 *Caution.  Ejection Seat Controls.  For emergency use only.

Mike’s meeting gave me the opportunity to do some knitting.   I dropped him off for the meeting and then had the day to myself.  I’ve had this Madeline Tosh yarn for almost a year. 

It was purchased for my first sock class.  The class was cancelled at the last minute and the yarn has sat waiting.  I successfully completed the anklet socks a few weeks ago and decided that I could figure out a pattern for socks using my Tosh.  

I'm using the Woven Diamond Socks by Alexis Winslow.    So far the pattern is coming along nicely.  I checked out ravelry before starting this pattern, as I usually do, and found out that a lot of people had trouble with the heel turn and toe areas.  The most common comment was to make sure to knit the heel flat long enough so that you actually have enough stitches to pick up 12 along each side.  I followed that advice but did not change anything else.  The heel looks to be narrow.  Really narrow.  I'll have to see what happens and how they fit once done and blocked.

Here it is from another angle.

I'll take some shots of the finished socks and let you know what I think about the pattern when it's complete.  

Happy knitting this Labor day weekend.  

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