Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crystal Cove Beach

It has been really hot here over the last week.  We don't usually have weather in the low 100's in mid September.  We decided to take a break and spend the day at the beach.

Our favorite beach spot is Crystal Cove Beach.  It's located between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach.  It is a California State Park and has tide pools with a lot to see.  Farther down the beach you will find smooth sand and plenty of space for surfing, body boarding, swimming or wave chasing.
While playing in the waves we found this abalone shell.  The abalone was long gone and the shell was broken.  It has beautiful color that doesn't show in the photo.

I haven't spent any time on my second Vegas sock so I brought it with me and did get a few rows in while warming up after being in the somewhat chilly ocean for a couple of hours.  Then went to explore the tide pools.
The sea grass adds great color to the tide pools.  If you look closely you'll see sea urchins and star fish.
This one was a bright orange.  The starfish were clustered together and hidden in the crevices of the rocks.  See if you can see the different star fish in the next picture.
This is a beautiful spot on the California coast.  So beautiful that a couple choose this spot to take their vows.
One last shot of the tide pools.

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