Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WiPs Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  So I just have a couple of things to show you today.  I know I have a pile of WiPs in a basket at home and it's past time to dig into them and finish them up.  Especially the ones that are just about done.  But it's so much more enticing to start something new-isn't it.

First up is the Suri Shawl. I was gifted a Suri shawl as part of a Christmas swap and I love love love it.  So I wanted to make another one. I chose a skein of 100% purple silk.  I am using the needle size recommended in the pattern.  The shawl has a tighter gauge than the finished shawl I was gifted.  So I plan to cast on yet another one and change the needle size to several sizes up to get that nice loose gauge that my first Suri has.

It's a bit past the half way point.  Still loving it.  Simple knit.

The only other WiP I've got updated photos of is my Boo Knit- Out of Darkness shawl being knit of out some incredibly thin lace weight-mystery yarn.  If I remember correctly a friend found this yarn at a goodwill or store like it and it was labeled wool.

So far the needles still weight at least twice the weight of the knitted shawl.  It's like a cloud.  I really can't wait for it to be finished.  But I haven't had the time to knit on it and with beads it is not ideal for train knitting.

Have you heard of the Woolful Podcast?  I just found out about it.  I don't remember which podcaster mentioned it, but it was within the last couple of weeks.  I highly recommend you listen.  Her episodes are a bit long but I really enjoy them.  You can find her the Woolful Podcast show notes and Blog here.

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Have a great week.  And take a look at other bloggers Stitch alongs at Stitch Along Wednesdays