Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

It's Friday!!!!!  TGIF!!!!  Love me some Fridays!

Enough exclamation points for you?  I love Fridays.  It means two whole days without having to commute on the train for a few hours each day to go to work.  Don't get me wrong I love the knitting time.  But I love time off more.

This week I am trying a new link up through the Love Made My Home Blog.  It's called Five on Friday.

1.  I have an FO and since Fridays used to be Finished Objects Fridays I thought it appropriate to show them off here.  They are a new pair of socks.  Made out of the Fable yarn.  I hated, just hated, every minute of knitting these until I was past the gusset.  There is nothing wrong with the yarn.  The needles I used annoyed me slightly, but it wasn't that either.  They aren't my "colors".  That was offered as a theory as to why I didn't like knitting them (at knitting group where it was noticed they were hanging around as a WiP much longer than usual for socks).  I couldn't tell you.  I just would knit a row, get bored and work on something else.  But they are done.  And I like them.

2.  Camping.  I've been thinking about going camping lately.  The thing I like best about camping is that you can do as much or as little as you want.  It is perfectly acceptable to sit around a camp fire and knit or chat or just stare at the scenery as it is to hike and run or play with little toys like quads all day.  Here's a picture of the last time I went camping (which happened to be in the desert on a dry lake bed-a first experience for me-the desert camping that is).

3.  Count your blessings.  It's good to be reminded to think about all of the blessings that we have in our lives and forget or stop focusing on the bad.

4.  Decisions.  One of the most fun experiences in starting a new yarn store is getting to meet with yarn distributor representatives.  Yesterday we met with the rep for among other things, Frog Tree Yarns  and another rep from Cascade.  Here's a few of the Cascade yarns we looked at and get to play with while we determine which yarns to carry.

5.  Our Kickstarter.  Please help us get the word out about our kickstarter.  We think the shirts and other rewards are fun and priced reasonably (if you have an opinion or an idea-let us know-comment here or on kickstarter.)

Shirt of the day:

The animals will be white because we've decided to do colored shirts and will have a variety of colors to choose from.  

For more 5 on Fridays go to Love Made My Home

Have a great weekend and Make something fun or yummy or both

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  1. Sorry to be late stopping by. Five great things for sure! It is funny how some WIP's take ages isn't it, even though there is no real reason for it, and then others get done so quickly. Oh well! Thank you so much for joining in, great to have you, and I hope to see you again sometimes. I hope you are having a great weekend! xx