Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Fo's

Hi Everyone!  I'm glad it's Tuesday.  I like seeing the week go by and Mondays are just not fun.  It's probably because we've just ended 2 days of work free freedom.  (Assuming you've got a M-F schedule like me).  Even when I didn't I think Mondays were hard.  It's probably a mental thing.  What do you think??

In any case Happy Tuesday.  I've got a few finished objects to show you.  It's been a bit since I've posted an FO (although there have been a lot done-I've just been lazy getting photos and posting).

First up-a hat I knit during Christmas week.  Just a basic knit hat-something that I was able to throw in a small purse and take out whenever I had a minute waiting in line (which lets face it-that's everywhere you go during that season).

This hat was knit out of malabrigo Rasta I believe.  

Next up is the Cascade Sweater I knit for a friend's little girl.

 I lengthened the sweater because both parents are tall and she's inherited the height.  I also did an extra repeat of the leave pattern and knit the 2 year size so that E can wear it this year and next. 

Check out these buttons- adorable:

I found the buttons in a Joann's.  (It's what was available to me at the time I was doing the finishing-traveling doesn't always give you a lot of options).  And Joann's did not have a great selection that day.  But the sheep with dangling feet couldn't be passed up and little purple flowers seemed like a good idea.

My Last Fo is the Hitchhiker scarf.  Knit in Shibui sock in red.  This was a special request from my mom after Christmas.  At Christmas I lent her my hitchhiker (green) and she loved it and requested one knit in red.

I haven't blocked it yet and may decide to mail it off unblocked.  The points seem to be fine without blocking and the size is fine without any stretching.  Thoughts?  Do you always block?

I also wanted to tell you about a blog I stumbled across.  I use google translator to read it but it's her photos that draw me in.  Gorgeous hikes and buildings in Bulgaria.  Check it out at Carmela's blog here

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The reward I am highlighting today is another T-shirt design:

Have a great Tuesday!

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