Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretend it's Wednesday

I try to update you on what I've got on the needles on Wednesdays.  That just didn't happen yesterday because I have to work and like to spend time with my family.  One day I'll be independently wealthy and can let knitting disrupt life.  Until then...

I finished the Graphically Gray Chevron blanket from Cascade's 60 quick baby knits book.  You can check out my project page here.

The blocking blanket:

I knit this blanket for Emmaline, my niece by choice (her mother and I have decided we're sisters).

I visited her over the weekend and it was hard to get on a plane to go home.  There's nothing better than a sleeping newborn on your chest.  She is delightful, beautiful and really very sweet.  She has a full head of hair that looks like it may stay.

 And the cutest little feet.   Don't you just love baby feet?

While waiting for my flight and then while on the flight and waiting for the delayed connector flight I cast on and knit a paid of fingerless mitts.  I did them two at a time on one circular needle (the best method ever).  I haven't put the thumbs on yet and may leave them off.  I've tried knitting them according to the pattern and did not like the way they looked.  I tried winging it and knitting some based on previous patterns and hated it.  Now I may just cast off and let them be a thumb slot.  We'll see.

LAX waiting room

Still waiting (first flight was delayed 40 minutes-This is the second cast on-I ignored the pattern and did an inch of ribbing before I checked the pattern and saw how the cuff should be, ripped back and started over).

Close up of the finished (without thumbs) mitt

I have to sew in the cuff of the second mitt (the edge is folded inward and sewn down to give the picot like edge).

And I am currently working the heel gusset on these vanilla socks.  The yarn is the Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel yarn, a German yarn company.  I received the yarn in a swap I participated in on Ravelry.  The yarn works up nicely, feels good running through my fingers and the tag advises that "knitting can be addictive"!

I cast these on before I left town and then put them aside until my commute this week.  I may finish this weekend.  We'll see:

I'm also still working on the stripped tee.  That is a few inches from waist ribbing.

Enjoy the rest of your week and take the time to knit.

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