Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Psychedelic Sock Journey

I received this yarn in a swap:

I decided to name these the psychedelic socks due to the black and white stripped sections because they reminded me of a fuzzy black and white TV losing its signal.

They came together fairly quickly (I made them my train knitting last week and over the Thanksgiving weekend when I had a minute to spare).

I made it to the heel turn early last week.

I had one minor incident while knitting these magic loop.  I grabbed the wrong end of the cord and pulled a needle out of both socks.  Why that worked when I typically have to hold them in a couple of spots and gently convince the needle to come to the proper spot I have no idea.  But it whooshed out of there like melted butter over toast.  No panic.  Well mild panic.  Only because I was on the train at the time and we hit a spot where we were swaying and bumping along.  It was not easy but I did pick up all of the stitches and I only twisted two, didn't drop any.  My lucky day.

I finished the knitting Sunday and Kitchenered one toe.  Monday night I closed the second toe with the Kitchener stitch and wove in the ends.

These socks fit great.

I love how the toes came out.  Absolutely perfect.  They may be the first perfect toes I've done.  Usually I have one toe with one side that is wonky.  I don't typically fix them because once they are on my feet no one can tell and they don't bug.  If they bugged me I would fix them.  

On to the next socks.  Houdini's this time.  Can't wait.

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