Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Christmas Decorations

Happy Holidays everyone.  I took last week off (basically everything).  I came down with some sort of illness that laid me flat.  The type where you sleep 12 hours, wake up for a couple of hours and then take a 5 hour nap.  For a week.  I'm better now.

I didn't do 90% of my usual Christmas routine.  No Christmas cookies, no present buying and wrapping, and no Christmas knitting.  I did my Christmas decorating early in December and finished a couple of swaps.  I put together a few presents and the rest I decided could wait.  Sometimes you have to take care of yourself first and let everything else go.  And you know what?  The world survived.  Friends are ok with waiting for presents, family understood and clients survived without talking to me for a week.

We had a lovely dinner Christmas Eve with friends (except for Mike's allergic reaction to some cats) and spent part of Christmas day with friends enjoying dinner and games.  And some sock knitting.

Before I take down Christmas I will leave you with one slightly blurry photo of our tree:

We have one day left until the new year.  Tomorrow I will share with you my 2013 wrap up and plans for 2014.

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