Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's on the Needles Wednesday

I finally finished Emmaline's Graphically Gray Chevron Blankie!!!!!!  I am so glad to have that off the needles.  It is an easy pattern to follow.  After 5 rows it was memorized and brainless (especially after placing markers).  But it was also boring, boring, boring.  This is why I like to have multiple WIPs at any given time.  When I start feeling bored with a project I can drop it and work on something else.

With the Graphically Gray I had a self imposed deadline.  If I wasn't a procrastinator I probably would have cast on when I bought the yarn and pattern and had plenty of time to finish it without knitting it almost exclusively for 2 weeks.  Up until the last 2 color row repeats I took it with me for my train knitting.  It went with me to knitting group and anywhere I went for 3 weeks it went with me.

Ta Da:

It looks great.  I love the chevron pattern.  I choose to deviate from the pattern for the edges.  The pattern has you fill in the triangles on either end.  I choose to keep them.  And just edged with a basic crochet stitch. I think this blanket will be treasured for years to come.

I've almost finished this pair of socks:

It's pictured above on my lap as I ripped out 20 or so rows.  I was originally making them for myself, then a friend at knitting wanted them so I decided to make them for her and kept knitting until they were sized to her feet.  I asked her to try them on to verify fit before finishing the toe.  The heel decreases landed about 3 stitches to the inside of her heel.  I know I would hate that and wouldn't wear them and figured neither would she.  So I decided to rip back to before the toe decreases and make these for me again.  (I have the same yarn and plenty of it to make her a pair with heels that won't annoy-so those will be cast on sometime in the next few days).  I only have the closing via Kitchener stitch left and weaving in the ends and these babies are done done done.  These are in a blackberry colorway and a knit picks yarn which I can't remember at the moment.  The picture makes them look an icky maroon color and they are not.

This morning on the train I cast on with this lovely sock yarn from a swap and started another pair of socks.

I am working on my own personal sock drawer heaven.  I've been inspired by the knitmoregirls podcast and their Operation sock drawer.  They have a thread on Ravelry for you to post pictures of your current sock drawer to inspire others.  Check it out here: Show us your socks.  Jasmine from the Knitmoregirls podcast saw a picture of Susan B. Anthony's sock drawer and was inspired to start Operation sock drawer.  There is something just perfectly cozy and yummy about wearing hand knit socks.  

I have a small collection.  So far just 3 pairs.  I've got another 3 on the needles currently and a few balls of yarn just waiting to become socks.  And with knitting two at a time I don't have to suffer from SSS anymore.

Check back tomorrow to hear all about the Chocolate class I took over the weekend.

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