Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chocolate Time

I attended a chocolate class by Garden Grove's Classic Cakes Shop.  I was hoping we would get a hands on demonstration but no such luck.  The lovely ladies at Classic Cakes demonstrated how they make all of those really cool and yummy chocolate treats; and then they tempted and tortured us by passing around the completed chocolates for a closer look.  Don't feel too bad for us-they did give samples at the end.  Freshly made chocolate is yummy-better than store bought. And so easy to make with the right supplies.

She's "painting" chocolate into the plastic mold.  For molded chocolates you paint the mold, let it dry and repeat until you can no longer see light through the mold.

This is a solid molded Christmas tree.  Each section of the tree is its own mold and they are put together using some melted chocolate as glue.  It's sitting on a layer of white chocolate and coconut flakes.

Chocolate covered Oreo's in a gift box-  Fun gift to receive.

Molded chocolate over sticks or pretzels

The picture just doesn't do this one justice.  The sheen on the Santa face was beautiful.  It's almost too pretty to eat.  (I said "almost"-don't go crazy)

Snowman chocolate box holding more chocolate

This little turkey is so adorable.  He is made with a marshmallow and cookies.

These are chocolate covered Oreo's.  

These are hard to see-they're the samples of fudge, truffles, caramel covered chocolates and the cream chocolates.  

The shop is located at:
Classic Cake Decorations
12530 Valley View St.
Garden Grove, CA 92845

The store offers classes on Chocolate making around every holiday throughout the year.  Call the shop for details.  They sell all the supplies necessary, the recipes and chocolates.  Plus they'll answer any questions you may have.   (They ship too).

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