Saturday, August 4, 2012

Knitting Again and Olympic Knitting

It's been quite some time since I've written.  We've been busy with a move, work and life in general.  Mike and I have moved back to sunny Southern California.  Moving can be a huge thing for a lot of people.  Causing a lot of stress.  I don't find it stressful until it's over.  I like to dig in and just get it done.  I prefer to do the packing myself, without help from Mike or others.  I know how to pack and I want to know where things are and in what box they are placed.  Then when we arrive I know where my things are.  I can get the kitchen unpacked first.  Then the bedroom and bathrooms.  I don't have to spend hours opening boxes searching for things because I have a solid system that has worked for numerous moves.  

In preparing for our move, I put my knitting to the side; except for my Bindi T-shirt project.  I was determined to get this project going.  I cast on for the back of the shirt first and was able to get most of it completed before we arrived in Cali.  After unpacking, I picked it up again and worked on it fairly slowly.  Its a basic stockinette stitch project-so even a beginning knitter can tackle this one.  I put it aside several times in the last couple of months as I finished a few other projects.  (Expect to see a few entries in the next few days so I can catch you up on all the knitting.)  The t-shirt is done except for finishing work.  It's blocked and drying as I type this.

One of the great benefits of living in Southern California is having the opportunity to see family and friends from other states more often.  Disneyland is so close to us, we get to see the numerous nieces and nephews when they go see the Mouse.   My brother and Sister in law are expecting their fourth child later this month.  I wanted to give the new baby something knitted since she will be the first born since I've begun knitting.  I'm sure the last thing a new parent needs is a hand knit object that has to be hand washed.  So I decided to go with a washable cotton and whip up a bunch of colorful bibs.  I chose to use the I-Love-Stockinette-bib by Laura Treadway (pattern found on Ravelry).  

These bibs knit up so fast.  I was able to finish 4 bibs in just 2 days.  And I didn't spend 48 hours knitting.  Just evening knitting while watching a Leverage marathon on tv.  I really enjoy that show.  Good story line.  Robin hood themes-bad guys turn good to help people who need help that Police can't or haven't helped.  Stockinette is great for watching tv or movies-Your fingers just fly without having to look and see what you're doing.  This pattern is so easy that after one you've got it memorized and can whip the others out so effortlessly.  It was also my first attempt at I-cords.  Thank you You-Tube for hosting videos to remind or teach new stitches or techniques.

Check out how cute these bibs turned out:
Here are a couple more:

I love this pattern.  It's going to be my new go-to gift for all expectant parents.  They are light weight.  Easy and fast.  And washable.  Who wouldn't love that?  If I had more time before the parents to be for the fourth time arrived I would have added a pattern or name to the front.  I strongly recommend this pattern for any baby presents you'd like to give.

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