Sunday, August 19, 2012

I-Cord Tutorial

I've used I-Cords for the ties for finishing baby bibs, for the stem in flowers, for bracelets and a lot of other projects.  This is a easy and fast technique.

You’ll need:

Two double pointed needles 
Tapestry needle

The size needle you choose will dictate how big your I-Cord will be.  For a smaller cord-like the type used on a baby bib or for a bookmark I use a size 2.

Start by casting on 3 stitches.  

 You want the working yarn to be on the left (opposite of where you would have it to begin knitting).  Slide the stitches over to the right side of the needle. 

Begin knitting all the stitches by bringing the yarn around the back and over to the first stitch on the right.  Slide the stitches back to the right side of the needle and tug on the bottom of the cord to bring the stitches together snugly.  Begin again. Knit all the stitches. Continue working the stitches-bringing the yarn from the left to the right in the back to work the stitches until you’ve reached the length of I-cord you want.

 When you’ve reached the length of I-cord you want, bind off.   Cut the yarn leaving a tail.  Attach the tapestry needle to the end and thread the needle into the center of the cord.  Go down about an inch and bring the needle back out.  Tug on the yarn to tighten and bunch up the i-cord.  Then cut the yarn close to the outside of the i-cord.  And tug the i-cord back.  

 The yarn end disappears inside the i-cord.  Do the same thing on the other end. 

I attached an I-Cord to this crocheted flower.   It's for a bookmark for a library yarn bombing project. 

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