Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi-You don't know me, but would you spend your free time making me something? For free? Pretty Please?

It is inevitable.  When knitting in public people ask questions.  When knitting around friends and family I always get asked to make things for them.  Today was the first time a perfect stranger asked me to make them something.  I say perfect stranger because this person didn't even introduce themselves to me before making the request.  I suggested that said person visit my LYS and take a class.  Blazing Needles, my LYS, offers free beginning knitting and free beginning crochet every Saturday.  They only ask that you purchase your supplies from them.   This would give said person a new skill and hopefully a better understanding to the time and effort it takes to create a knitted object.

Tonight I was knitting at an event (waiting for my husband) when this person made their request.  I am knitting as fast as my strained little hands can go-trying to finish the Elfish Sweater test knit.  I've got three quarters of a sleeve, the hood, and finishing left.  It's turning out great.  I'll post pictures when finished.

Elfish to be continued...

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