Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  I've been counting down the days until this weekend for a while now.  Why? You ask?  Because it's LA Yarn Crawl time!!! 29 stores in 2 days.  My knitting group and I are going to go to all 29 stores on the crawl this year.  I have the entire route planned out (and that took some time, planning and work).  After all it is Los Angeles.  And, maybe you've heard, we have a wee bit of a traffic problem here in LA.

I'll take pictures as I am able to this weekend and will tell you all about it next week.  We're yarn bombing Bessie's van again this year and hope we can outdo last years efforts.

What's on the needles this Wednesday?  Pretty much the same list.  Couple of changes.

*That damn hat
*15 color Rainbow socks
* Emelie Sweater
*Shallows Cowl
*Collar finishing on Channel
*Monsoon Shawl

That damn hat is the Donegal cap.  I think I need to just restart the thing.  I told the recipient to not hold out hope of it ever being finished and to maybe pick something else.  But here's the thing.  29 other people have knit this hat.  That means it is not impossible.  I will not let it get the better of me.  I will finish that damn hat.  Maybe its the yarn.  I am using wool.  Pattern calls for a Hemp yarn.  If I can find Hemp yarn this weekend I'll recast on.

My 15 color Rainbow socks are so much fun.  The colors pop really bright.  The silvery thread sparkles.  Haven't reached the heel yet.

Emelie sweater- I ripped out and restarted.  The 3 x 2 ribbing was off.  blech.  So I recast on and made it a whole 4 rows.  I know.  Such progress.  I'm just whipping through this thing and will probably be done by April 15th of 2022.

The Shallows is almost half way done.  I'm really liking the pattern.  It's easy and I can remember it.  Bonus**.  I finally changed needles.  I was using my Knitters pride interchangeables.  But they were too heavy.  Made knitting slow and felt awkward.  Now I'm using some no brand cheap things that weight next to nothing, but make the knitting flow better.  I bought a package of circular needles size 0-15 from Amazon for $15 thereabouts or incredibly cheap.  The cords are sticky and twist ALOT.  The join sucks rocks.  The needles themselves are not bad.  Very light and if you don't mind stopping to assist your stitches over the join every single time, usable.  With the Shallows the cowl scrunches up on the needles, leaving the cord twisting by itself.

Here's a close up of the colors...

I'm still having camera issues.  Totally sucks.  New phone and the camera should be golden.  It refuses to focus so it's going back home to it's mommy for repairs over at Samsung.  Hopefully they will repair or replace it.

The Channel has lost all favor with me.  I have it sitting in a project bag on a table in my living room.  I see it almost every day.  I know I am really close to being done, done.  And wearing it, but still haven't made a move towards it.  It needs to become more interesting and then I'll finish it.  Maybe when I get on a finishing kick.  We'll see.

And the last thing on the needles this week is the Monsoon shawl.  It's a fairly new pattern from Interweave knits spring edition.  My knitting group has a few new knitters and a few shawl virgins.  This is a worsted weight lace shawl on size 10.5.  It's perfect for the beginners.  I'm knitting a long and will help out where it's needed.

What do you have on the needles?  Check out other WIPs at Tami's amis's blog.


  1. Oh my 29?! 29 LYS in one day? damn girl I'm a bit jealous because I don't think there are even 29 LYS in my state!

    1. We are extremely lucky to have so many in one county and there are a few more in the neighboring counties.