Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday and #AndKnitting

Happy Wednesday everyone.  My list of ongoing works in progress hasn't changed much from two weeks ago.   I haven't picked up most of them at all.  I started the Monsoon shawl as a knitting group KAL and am close to finishing.  This shawl is knit in worsted weight on size 10.5 inch needles.  It's awkward working on larger needles after so many projects on ones, two's and an occasional three.

In any case, this shawl is a fast knit and easy.  Really really easy.

It's not the best photo, but it is lace and it is still on the needles.  And lace before blocking always looks like a hot mess.  I keep wavering on whether I like the color combo or not.  I like it here.  I loved it in the skeins.  But last night knitting it I hated it.  It's the grey.  Feels too dark and blah.  But then I was working on it on the train this morning and was back to liking it.  It's all cascade 220.  The middle color is a mix of the other two.

I may be done with this in time for Friday's Fo post.  (probably not-cause I don't know when I would have time to block it- but you never know.)

On a side note- there have been a lot of articles in the news, on blogs, and even TV about knitting lately.  None of it has been great reporting.  Most of it has been cliched.  And I think most knitters just ignore it for the most part.  In the UK there is a magazine called the Guardian.  They wrote a piece, supposedly by a knitter, that was poorly done-no depth, no research, lots of cliches.  Louise from Knit British wrote a scathing retort, that I quite enjoyed and I think you may as well.

Check out Louise's rant here:

And check out twitter, search #AndKnitting for knitters responses to what they do other than knitting.  

Lawyer, writer, biker, runner, teacher, wife (housekeeper, cook & personal assistant) #AndKnitting.

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