Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Natural Light

I miss natural sunlight.  I've been sitting at my desk in Los Angeles and although it is right next to a window, the blinds have been shut and the harsh office lights have been on full force.  We've been having a slight heat wave-typically of LA in September.  The buildings air conditioner has not been up to the task and I've closed the blinds for the last week and a half in an attempt to cool down the room.

I miss sunlight.  Having to work inside all day instead of knitting or doing other things I'd rather do isn't as awful if I can see outside.  I'd like to sit outside and just soak in some sun.  The most I get is walking to and from the subway.

I have fallen way behind on my long list of WIPs.  Life just has been getting in the way.  Last weekend our garage was broken into and the thieves stole more than just our stuff.  They stole a lot of my time and good will towards the world.  I have been looking at people on the subway, wondering if they too are thieves.  I don't trust my neighbors or the other people living in our neighborhood.  Any one of them could be the culprit.  I'll get past that.  I don't feel personally violated as I am sure I would had they broken into my home.
The Police are investigating and hopefully they find the individual(s) and lock them away.  Having your belongings stolen is bad; feeling like I've been robbed again because of insurance deductibles and depreciation sucks.

So instead of knitting and doing other fun things, I've been dealing with insurance and police officers and tracking down receipts and getting estimates.

I did take a break Saturday and spent the day with my buddies from my local knitting/crochet group and had a blast.  We did a bit of shopping, lunching and sewing.  We're working up project bags to sell as part of a "one day we want to own a yarn store and need a ton of capital to make it happen sooner rather than when we're retired" fundraiser.

I'll post a link to our Etsy shop as soon as I've got it.  Here's a preview of one of the bags in progress:

Try to get out and enjoy the sunshine while it's still around.

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