Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Fall-so I hear

I hear that it is fall.  At least in other parts of the world.  Here in Southern California we're still having 90+ days.  The thought of sweater knitting or scarf knitting makes me sweat.

I am almost jealous of those people who get to enjoy fall.  The lower temperatures, the fun fall sweaters and hats.  Mostly the lower temperatures.  I am not jealous of the awful flooding hitting Colorado or the snow and other fall/winter related weather issues that are heading towards the non-tropical parts of the world (I include LA in that category even though we aren't tropical.  We just don't get much colder than the high 40's).

In any case the Fall 2013 issue of Interweave Knits is out and available.  I like a lot of the patterns, hate others and love and will cast on a few others.  (I'm not including pictures and am linking to the project pages on Ravelry because of copyright issues.  You can get the patterns from Interweave knits and see pictures and details on Ravelry.)

Some of my favorites:

Dressage Cap by Bethany Hicks:  This is a cute little cap.  It's knit in Knit Picks Pallette and has some cute buttons on either side of the bill of the hat.  I think that if I knit this one I will be changing the bill.  It's a bit too small on the models face.  Just something to keep in mind and know that I may be playing with the fit and look.  I really like knit caps.  They're fun and a bit more grown up than slouchy hats.

Bryn Mawr Dress by Alex Capshaw-Taylor:   This dress has some really interesting detail.  The silhouette looks like it would be slimming and attractive on most body types.  It's just a long tube dress that flares slightly at the knee.  I don't think I would go the mock turtle neck at the top. That's just too warm for Southern California.  But I love the length of the sleeves and the zigzag pattern.  It's knit in Rowan Wool Cotton.

The Barnard Raglan by Angela Hahn:  I like the look of this raglan sweater.  The cable detailing is subtle and the pockets are cute.  I think I'd have to add more waist shaping and watch that hem line to make sure it wasn't turning into a potato sack or bell shape.  I'd probably adjust it to be slightly baggy, but close to the body instead of too loose.

And my last notable from the Fall Interweave Knits:

Cornhuck Pullover by Agnes Kutas Keresztes:  This is my favorite.  I love this pattern.  I would make the waist a bit longer and would choose different colors because white and yellow together make me look ill.  But I love the detail.  The lacy look combined in the cables.  The designer choose Kauni wool to knit the original.  I'd use a cotton blend (again sunny weather makes wool a poor choice).

Grab a copy of Interweave knits here:

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