Thursday, January 8, 2015

WiPs a day late

It's Thursday.  I love Thursdays.  Why you ask?  It's because I have a wonderful knitting/crochet group that meets Thursday nights; so the day goes by faster than usual.  And because it means tomorrow is Friday, the start of the weekend and two work free days (most of the time anyway).

I didn't get around to posting my Wednesday WiPs post yesterday so I'm giving you a short look today.

I have a huge pile of WiPs but only two photos with me.

First up is the Cascade Sweater by Raya Budrevich.  I'm making the 2T size in the hopes that it will fit my friend's baby this year and next.  She's currently a year old.

This is a really fast knit.  It's easy and fun. It's been my train knitting this week.  I hope to have it done soon so it can be worn before it warms up in Oklahoma where it is headed.

These are just a basic pair of stripped fingerless mitts that I cast on a couple of weeks ago.  They're basically done (not shown in the fuzzy pic above).  I need to weave in ends and may decide to redo the thumb if I decide to send them to my Dad.

I cast on another sweater for myself the other day and just did the first row.  I picked it up last night to work on it and noticed I did a one by one rib and it calls for a two by two.  So I will rip that out and start over this weekend.  

I also need to go through all my WiPs and make plans to finish or rip.  More on that later.  

I don't have a link to other WiPs today because the blogger who was linking us together hasn't blogged in a couple of months.  When I find a new one to link to I'll start that up again.  

Have a great Thursday.  So close to weekend freedom!

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  1. I'm getting back in to knitting. My last projects were 6 simple winter scarves for Christmas presents a few years ago. The sweater you're knitting looks intricate and very pretty! I'm looking for a pattern for fingerless mittens to make for my mom. Happy New Year!