Wednesday, January 15, 2014

on the needles at the airport...

Forgive my post if full of typos.  I'm blogging from my cell phone while waiting for my flight to board.  I miss my keyboard.  I flew to San Francisco yesterday in order to cover another attorneys mandatory settlement conference.  I grabbed the cap I've been working on.  Haven't actually worked on it though.  I'm not sure if it's me, the cap instructions or my lack of extra brain space this last week but that cap is not a "fast knit" with easy to understand instructions.  Here's a photo:

Here I have just added one of two double sided veins to the hat.  This was yesterday on the train.  Ughh.  I will finish it.

So on the plane last night I worked on heel flaps.

And tonight, after a long day, I am turning the second heel. Autopilot knitting is the best thing to relax on a flight home.  Oh how I wish it was Friday.  Busy Thursday and Friday to get through first.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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