Friday, May 17, 2013

Ta Da-Look What I Did

I love the excitement and enthusiasm little kids have when they complete something they're proud of.  As adults, we rarely scream out "Ta Da" with excitement and enthusiasm when we've done something we're proud of.

I finally finished the sampler square blanket.

Ta Da:

I framed each individual square with black yarn, then sewed the squares together into a row and then sewed the rows together.  To finish the blanket off, I crocheted around the entire blanket a couple of times.   I love how it turned out.  I don't think the picture captures the finished product.   But I am quite excited and enthusiastic about the finished project.  So I repeat: TA DA!!!

I've also finished another owl hat.  This one was a special request from a friend of mine.  The yarn is one of her finds on the LA Yarn Crawl.

Tiny little beads will be sewn on as the eyes.   I've seen them and they're great.

I also wanted to show off a picture of my Dad in his sweater.  Even though he looks a bit like Mr. Rogers in the sweater-I am still extremely proud and excited that it fits so well and that he likes it.

Doesn't he look great?  I love my Dad.  And even though I was frustrated my the length of time this sweater took-it was so worth it.

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