Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writers Block

I don’t have writers block per se.  What I have is the desire to start a new project, a pile of projects in the works, another pile of projects waiting to get started, but no real desire to do any of it.  I want something new.  I want something cute, fast and easy.

I’ve been working squares for about a month (Off and on between other things-not squares non stop-that would bore me to tears).  I’ve got one square to go.  I’m been trying a few new stitch patterns and putting together some others in an effort to use this square swap as another learning opportunity. 

Some have worked really well.  Some have not.

In any case-I want something new.  I decided to try a few toy patterns.  I found this adorable little mouse on Ravelry and finished it in a couple of nights.  Tiny needles are really hard to get used to after months of using size 8. 

Easy pattern if you're looking for a mouse.  However be warned-the head and neck joining are ugly.  So I whipped up a little hat and scarf to hide the ugly.  Next one I believe I’ll try to adjust the pattern to continue the head into the body and hopefully avoid “the ugly”.  This is a gift for one of my many nieces.

I do believe he is adorable.

The little mouse helped a little bit with my knitters project block (his ears are a little funky-oh well).  Too many choices and not enough time-but I still have a block.  I’ve got to get working on Christmas stuff before I run out of time (T minus 76)… and I don’t want my fingers to fall off or hate me like last year.   Ideas?

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