Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WOTN Wednesday

What's on the needles Wednesday?

I'm still working on my Channel Tee and need to cast on the Chevron baby blanket.  But I have half a finished project.  Yay!

I finally picked up and finished an owl mitt for Alisa. She requested a pair about a month and a half ago.  We choose a pattern and I got started.  I just neglected to read the pattern.  I began knitting in the round and was through the cuff before I realized it was a pattern knit flat and seamed.  Who wants a seam on the side of their hand?  Not me.  And I'm not going to give something away that I wouldn't use.

So I charted the pattern and re-wrote it to be worked in the round.  And I added thumbs.  The pattern just had slits for the thumb to stick out of and I didn't like that.  I finished one mitten and hated it.  The owl was hinky.  He listed to the left.  It was not an operator error, it was more a pattern issue.  I also had problems with the look of my thumb and would have frogged it anyway.  But it gave me the opportunity to find another pattern that I liked better,

I settled on the Who's owl mitts by Mareike Neumann.  And then started the cuff and set them aside.  I finally picked up the mitts again last night and finished one mitt.  Owl mitts and I are just not getting along.  It's mainly my fault.  Once again I ignored the pattern.  This pattern asks you to continue the k3 p1 rib pattern throughout the mitt, except for the owl portion.  I missed that and did a one by one rib.  And to compensate just left the non owl portion of the mitt in a stockinette.  They fit my hands and I hope they fit Alisa.  They may be a bit snug.  If they are I will just re-knit them and gift the smaller pair to someone else.

I really like the thumb gusset.  No big holes where the thumb stitches are separated and picked up again.  You should be able to finish a pair in under 4 hours.

Here's the final mitt:

My hand looks like it's about to crush the tiny cars below.

What's on your needles this week?

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