Thursday, January 19, 2012


This last Christmas season was the season of the Duffers.  My local yarn shop-Blazing Needles (which I love btw) held classes and an embellishment party with the Duffer as the guest of honor.  These are a pair of quick slippers that are felted.  They are so easy that a brand new knitter can whip them out in less than 6 hours for the pair.  I joined in and made several pairs for presents, using Cascade eco wool.  The first pair I made using a single strand which resulted in a floppy pair of slippers.  The next pair I used a double strand.  Bingo.  Best pair of sturdy slippers.

These slippers are great.  You knit them flat and then sew them together and felt them.  Add a button or needle felt or use needle point to add whatever embellishment you desire.  Interested in making your own?  Check out the pattern on Ravelry:

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